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Born in Cairo 1961 AD in a climate of cultural and literary sophisticated family is what helped his genius at an early age. His father, the great writer of the late AbdelRahman Fahmi, who enriched the cultural life and art in Egypt a lot of literary works and short stories, and that was his home in Manial El Roda Cairo, a source and location of the birth of the Egyptian literary Assembly, which was founded with the great poet Salah Abdel Sabour, and Dr. Ezzedine Ismail, and Abdul Ghaffar mekkawy, and Professor Farouk Khurshid The sessions and evenings giants of literature and thought, poetry house great writer Abdul Rahman Fahmi is not without throwing classical poetry and modern poetry nor of debate and discussion in the paths of literature, poetry, art, whether the ancient poets and writers or contemporaries of them, as they were full of throwing light on the methods and how to build dramatic and literary works of art and various short stories at the time. He was accompanied shed hair from these Giants soundtrack accompanying the placing and played accompanied the late writer Fahmi Abdel-Rahman, who was fluent in playing the violin brilliantly as a hobby and enjoy. This was a literary and cultural salon and his evenings in a row attracts the child Yasser Abdel-Rahman, who continued to follow up these evenings and listen eagerly, even grown stimuli and artistic feelings and steeped in this cultural climate upscale, and grown and artistic conscience slowly ... he knew from an early age the difference between art and Literature upscale and what is below that of attempts. And so the talent was apparent that God has given them grow in the arms of this wonderful climate, he knew spontaneously what is art and literature, authentic, Yasser Abdel-Rahman began to weigh this talent academic study to meet the talent, study and experience in the study of music trip ... and from here began academic study